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What is Pilates? Almost everyone has certainly heard of pilates and may have a few thoughts to what it might involve, and over the years its popularity has increased throughout the world, from dancers to footballers. The main objective of pilates is to develop core strength. Core muscles are located deep in the abdomen and back and are responsible for our posture, supporting the spine and supporting movement. When these core muscles are strengthened, torso stability is obtained and muscles work in tandem with each other, helping correct posture and preventing injuries and using other accessory muscles as compensation.

Pilates classes usually involve a lot of mat work on the floor, using your body weight to create resistance. Intense stretches and both slow and fast movements are also part of a class.  Some classes even use weights and specialised equipment.  Pilates involves six principles which are Centering, Control, Flow, Breath, Precision, and Concentration. These key principles should be included in any high quality pilates class.

The benefits of practicing pilates are many: you develop a strong core, increased strength and flexibility, improved muscle tone and an overall improvement in mobility. Pilates is particularly good for those suffering from muscle and sport injuries, weak muscles and poor posture.

Massage Brisbane

Massage is a form of applying pressure to muscles, ligaments and tendons to reduce tension, pain, help muscles recover from injuries and improve wellbeing. Massage is reagrded as an important treatment in many people's lives, and here at Green Apple Wellness our highly trained physiotherapists recognise this and offer fantastic massage sessions available to everyone.  We gave four trained massage therapists and physiotherapists who specialise in different areas depending on the individual's needs. We also have a massage chair available as a quick and effective alternative to having a remedial massage. The massage chair is recommended for use in between remedial massage sessions.

Exercise Physiologist

At Green Apple Wellness, we have accredited exercise physiologists available to assist our clients with different medical needs and injuries. Examples of conditions that could benefit from consulting with an exercise physiologist are diabetes, depression, obesity, arthritis, osteoporosis, sports injuries and many more. Our exercise physiologists consult individually with clients to develop a specific program tailored to their needs. They also run group sessions to keep motivation and adherence to the program in a fun and enjoyable setting. Contact us today at Green Apple Wellness to arrange an appointment with one of our highly skilled exercise physiologists.




Welcome to Green Apple Wellness Centre

Located in Bald Hills and established in 1978 as a family gym, Green Apple Wellness Centre specialises in exercise for osteoporosis, diabetes, arthritis, back pain and weight loss with exercises in the gym or in the pool.

In one place, you can experience the relaxation and healing benefits of massage, treat injuries or pain with physiotherapy or reach your fitness goals fast with personal training. Our exercise physiologists can tailor an exercise program specifically for your health needs.

Experience our welcoming, friendly staff in a fun, non-intimidating environment.




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