• Take A Look Inside The Green Apple

    19th December, 2017 | by Green Apple Wellness
  • The Weekly Bite – December 11 2017 – Issue 2255

    8th December, 2017 | by Green Apple Wellness

    Hi All Your Green Apple Bonus Card will be ready to use this week from Monday December 11. You would have received this in our special Christmas post out to you with your Green Apple diary. To activate your bonus card you must bring it into Reception so we can attach it to your workout… Read more »

  • The Weekly Bite – July 17 2017 – Issue 2234

    19th July, 2017 | by Green Apple Wellness

    Hi All, On Sunday July 23, I plan to take another Give it a Go class upstairs in the Group Class area. What time? 4pm. Who for? Anyone who wants to learn something new, and to develop different skills to stimulate both the brain and the body. We are so used to doing the same… Read more »

  • The Weekly Bite – July 10 2017 – Issue 2233

    11th July, 2017 | by Green Apple Wellness

    Hi All, You may have seen our advertisement for the Wellbeing Day in the local paper, Bayside Star. Our new psychologist, Lisa Johnson, and Petrina (who you may see helping on Reception Tuesday till Friday 9am till 1pm, are planning a great in-house event. On Thursday July 27 from 11am till 2pm there will be… Read more »

  • The Weekly Bite – June 12 2017 – Issue 2229

    13th June, 2017 | by Green Apple Wellness

    Hi All, Our new Team members Julianne (Julie) and Margy are doing very well in their training which is being conducted behind the scenes. Since the Green Apple has been in business nearly 40 years, we have accumulated so many systems, areas of responsibility, multiple Standard Operating Procedures (which explain all the WHY, WHAT and… Read more »

  • Keeping Your Spine Healthy: 5 Exercises for Back Pain

    24th April, 2017 | by excitemedia
    Keeping your spine healthy - Green Apple Wellness read more

    You’re only as young as your spine is healthy. At least that is what Joseph Pilates (creator of Pilates exercise) used to say. His exact words were “If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old. If it is completely flexible at 60, you are young.” Needless to say, our spine health is… Read more »

  • 8 tips to staying healthy this Easter

    10th April, 2017 | by excitemedia
    easter eggs - Green Apple Wellness Centre read more

    For those working hard on their fitness, weight loss and general health goals, Easter is a hard time of year. Surrounded by aisles of chocolate in the groceries, family/friend who purchase chocolate for you or eat it constantly in front of you. So, to make the Easter holiday easier for you, we have compiled 7… Read more »