The Green Apple Team wish you and your family a wonderful festive season. Hopefully one full of happy family time, moderation from excesses and inclusive of some fun physical activity!

Saturday Yoga classes will continue as normal and only two Wednesday night Yoga (December 27 and January 3) will be missed. Joyce believes continuing Yoga (or even starting!) over this festive time can be a very rewarding experience and has a settling influence at a time that can be frantic and fraught. Continue your practice to make sure you tap into the wonderful benefits of Yoga!
(Non-members pay $18 to attend this class and members only need to pay $6.50).

The majority of our classes over the break are Aqua classes. 
Aqua is a great way to ensure that you keep up your exercises in the heat and also because you work hard in the water, even if it doesn’t feel like it! Aqua exercises can burn just as many calories as an on land program with the added benefit of reduced gravity, allowing you to move like you don’t on land as well as providing extra resistance in ALL of your movements! 

We hope to see you during the Christmas/New Year!

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