• Exercise for seniors

    Exercise for seniors

    Stay strong, stable, able and independent with prescribed physical activity and have fun too!

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  • Exercise as medicine

    Exercise as medicine

    Our team of exercise physiologists are current in medical research and will prescribe your exercise for your condition.

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  • Personal training

    Personal training

    Having a mentor and coach can make all the difference. Personal trainers of all ages available.

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  • Classes and courses

    Classes and courses

    Inspiring group classes from Aquarobics to Supervised Strength work and amazing educational courses and workshops.

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  • Wellness Clinic

    Wellness Clinic

    A one-stop-shop for remedial massage, dietary help, diabetes education, physiotherapy and exercise physiology.

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  • Membership


    Multiple accessible entry pathways from budget to full care options, tailored to your specific needs.

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