• Exercise Right Light Lunch – Women’s Health Week

    22nd August, 2018 | by Sonya Marshall

     Are You Coming?   EXERCISE RIGHT LIGHT LUNCHEON  WOMEN’S HEALTH WEEK Wed Sept 5, 2018   11am—1pm   Free to Attend Light Luncheon All Welcome to attend  –  Bring a friend   Program: 11am                 Meet and Greet              11.10am            Presentation from Bridie O’Connell, Exercise Physiologist  11.20am            Presentation from Joyce Gasking, Exercise… Read more »

  • Bridie’s Presentation at Exercise Right Luncheon

    23rd July, 2018 | by Sonya Marshall

    Bridie’s Presentation at Exercise Right Luncheon    What is a preventable disease? Indicators of  preventable disease Chronic diseases are becoming more and more common in Australia. In fact, 50% of Australian’s are classified as having 1 or more chronic disease and for those aged over 65 this number increases to 87%. Chronic diseases quite often… Read more »