• Power Plate Success

    2nd September, 2019 | by Sonya Marshall

    My name is Greg Pritchard and I have been a Green Apple member for about 5 years, although I was never really a gym person – but I was always a sports person, very fit up to age 25, still very active in sport until around 35 and after that (until I was around 50)… Read more »

  • What can be achieved with the right help!

    3rd April, 2019 | by Sonya Marshall

    It always boils down to “How much do you care about me” not “How much do you know”! Team member Barbara tailoring Karen Heath’s program After a recent slip and fall at home I can testify to the amazing benefits of resistance training, as part of an excellent all-round program, maintaining bone density, and also… Read more »

  • Healthy Weight Challenge Participant

    3rd April, 2019 | by Sonya Marshall

    Healthy Weight Challenge My Monday mornings could not have been spent more profitably …. Petrina’s Healthy Weight Challenge course challenged me from the start to address a range of activities in my life for a better outlook on the future.  Not only planning to eat more thoughtfully, but also understanding the good and bad elements… Read more »

  • Inspirational Story: Beryl Boyd

    8th November, 2018 | by Green Apple Wellness

    Here is an inspirational story from long-time member, Beryl Boyd.

  • Inspirational Story: Members trip to Bhutan

    24th October, 2018 | by Sonya Marshall

    I had an amazing time on my recent trip to Bhutan and my training and guidance certainly prepared me to gain the most from my experience.  Bhutan is a beautiful country in the Himalayas with spectacular, mountainous landscapes.  The greatest challenge is to climb to the amazing Tiger’s Nest Monastery – at a height of… Read more »