• COVID-19 News #2

    30th March, 2020 | by Sonya Marshall

    Hello Everyone I want to thank all of you whom have been so proactive and supportive during this incredible time of transitional change. I believe the changes we all have to make will only enhance how we do things in the future. The biggest thing we have going for us at the Green Apple is… Read more »

  • COVID-19 News #1

    18th March, 2020 | by Sonya Marshall

    Dear Green Apple family COVID-19 News The Green Apple started planning their management strategies in relation to COVID-19, and developing protocol to follow, as early as late February (see the Green Apple E-newsletter editorial early March).  I was already starting to implement all the behaviour-modification and sanitising measures long before we heard it through general… Read more »

  • Cherie’s Eye Surgery Journey …. a simple procedure for an amazing result

    17th February, 2020 | by Sonya Marshall

      I’ve worn glasses for many years now. In fact 61% of Australians wear either spectacles or contact lenses to aid eyesight problems. But even after numerous visits to and adjustments by opticians my glasses have never been comfortable or fitted particularly well. ‘Why do I need to wear glasses anyway?’ I ask myself. So,… Read more »

  • Christmas Gift Packs 2019

    12th December, 2019 | by Sonya Marshall

    Christmas Gift Pack What to get the person who has everything? Includes a beautiful monogrammed towel with Your choice of one of the following: A 60 minute Massage Treatment with Margy A One Month Trial Membership – with a full Wellness Induction 3 x 30 minute Personal Training Sessions with either Darrol, Katrina, Wanda, Loretta… Read more »

  • What is Yogalates?

    22nd October, 2019 | by Sonya Marshall

    What is Yogalates? Yogalates is a complete and comprehensive fusion of Yoga and Pilates, encompassing the flexibility, balance and meditative elements of Yoga with the muscle strengthening and toning of Pilates  Why combine Yoga and Pilates? Yogalates is an ideal balance of body and mind, breathing and movement. It is a movement system that stretches and… Read more »

  • Power Plate Success

    2nd September, 2019 | by Sonya Marshall

    My name is Greg Pritchard and I have been a Green Apple member for about 5 years, although I was never really a gym person – but I was always a sports person, very fit up to age 25, still very active in sport until around 35 and after that (until I was around 50)… Read more »

  • What can be achieved with the right help!

    3rd April, 2019 | by Sonya Marshall

    It always boils down to “How much do you care about me” not “How much do you know”! Team member Barbara tailoring Karen Heath’s program After a recent slip and fall at home I can testify to the amazing benefits of resistance training, as part of an excellent all-round program, maintaining bone density, and also… Read more »

  • Healthy Weight Challenge Participant

    3rd April, 2019 | by Sonya Marshall

    Healthy Weight Challenge My Monday mornings could not have been spent more profitably …. Petrina’s Healthy Weight Challenge course challenged me from the start to address a range of activities in my life for a better outlook on the future.  Not only planning to eat more thoughtfully, but also understanding the good and bad elements… Read more »

  • Inspirational Story: Beryl Boyd

    8th November, 2018 | by Green Apple Wellness

    Here is an inspirational story from long-time member, Beryl Boyd.

  • Inspirational Story: Members trip to Bhutan

    24th October, 2018 | by Sonya Marshall

    I had an amazing time on my recent trip to Bhutan and my training and guidance certainly prepared me to gain the most from my experience.  Bhutan is a beautiful country in the Himalayas with spectacular, mountainous landscapes.  The greatest challenge is to climb to the amazing Tiger’s Nest Monastery – at a height of… Read more »