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The Weekly Bite – December 4 2017 – Issue 2254

Hi All

Check your emails for our December Green Apple email newsletter. This differs from the weekly hard copy newsletter and it should be with you by now. If you are not receiving it please let us know so we can adjust our database. 

Great news for members whom have been wanting more Aqua classes at night. Thanks to those of you whom have responded to my request for “expressions of interest”, I have been able to arrange for Joyce to conduct an Aqua class on Wednesday night prior to her Yoga class. Since Joyce has just completed her advanced Aqua module, she is keen to put it into practice and to give you the best possible water-workout. So come along and give it a go, Wednesday night at 5.30pm, commencing December 6. 

I realise some people will struggle to get to the Green Apple after work by 5.30pm so I am still looking for the best solution. Joyce will provide the Aqua class on Wednesday during December. However, when Christina leaves at the end of this month (yes, leaving to give her full attention to her own business), we may change over to having Aqua at 6pm on Thursday night instead. This will not happen till the start of next year so provide me with your feedback on what you want. 

Our Christmas gift should also be with you shortly, so if it doesn’t arrive within the next week let us know. It is a huge undertaking behind the scenes to make this happen and we always try to make sure we cover all bases but “best laid plans….”. In the package you will find details of our Christmas opening hours and the classes we will hold. Notice we will have several Aqua classes available because we anticipate the temperatures and the humidity may be scorching by then! 

Also in the package you will receive your chance of earning $30 just for keeping on track over the festive season. Many years ago I decided to offer this incentive to staying on track with your exercise over Xmas and New Year. Traditionally a time of food and alcohol excesses and a consequent reduction in physical activity, members could go backwards in leaps and bounds in just one month and then with Easter hot-footing Christmas, take another 6 months to start feeling good about themselves. The $30 bonus definitely helped a lot of members stay on track that first year so now this is something we continue to do. It will be your chance this year to work towards staying on track and feeling really good going into 2018.

Are you an associate member who attends for Heartgrooves, Lift for Life, Lungs in Action or Steady Steps classes? We don’t want you to miss a beat over Christmas, so plan ahead to come in solo to do your FOREVER ACTIVE strength Circuit and any other exercise you usually do (and you think you will remember on your own). You just need to tell the team member on Reception that you usually attend the Wellness class (say which one) and that Victoria has arranged for you to come in over Christmas and have your 10 session card clipped at any time. This will give you continuity of your health benefits as well as flexibility time-wise for the times we have not gazetted a group class for you. 

Our gift wrapped towel package that you can purchase as a fabulous Christmas present will be available this week. The towel is not only embroidered with the Green Apple logo (not screen printed) but also has a zipped-up corner pocket for your valuables and keys if you take it to the beach. It really is a beaut (or even bonza) gift, so think about buying it for yourself as a Christmas treat!



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PS Urgent Reminder: we want a big roll up for our informational session on the government funded My Health for Life course available for anyone (of  any age) if they have high blood

pressure, high  cholesterol etc. Come along Thursday December 7th, 10am. All welcome to listen.



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