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How to Manage Osteoarthritis – by Victoria Gill

Since having my surgery for bilateral total knee replacements, I have made extra effort to hunt down the latest research on management of degenerative bone conditions. We are all living for so much longer that developing osteoarthritis is almost inevitable – or so I thought. All my previous studies had focussed on the “fact” that bone degeneration is age-related and the outcome of serious overuse or perhaps previous sports injury so it was with much interest that I discovered in the latest research that it is not just degeneration of tissue through wear and tear, or as a result of age.

Did you know that the increasing incidence of obesity and high fat levels in the body is affecting immune systems? High body fat levels correlate with increased levels of inflammation in the body generally, affecting multiple joints including the hands.

Consequent to this research, it now appears that reduction of body fat, even 5%, is critical in the treatment of osteoarthritis. The three main steps we can take ourselves is, first, stay active and start doing some exercise tailored for you. Second, reduce body fat and find the best pathway for you to do this. Third,self-manage (with advice from your doctor) the two to three days a month when symptoms of pain significantly increase. Oral anti-inflammatories (or topical application if you have stomach problems/ulcers) for short periods are allowable.

The Green Apple Wellness Centre specialises in providing expert professional advice about tailored physical activity and achievable fat loss.

Talking to someone who really understands what you are going through and who can work with your doctor for the best outcomes is the first step.

If you have osteoarthritis and you are facing surgery, or you have actually had a joint replacement surgery, I can help steer you in the right direction for help.

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