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The Weekly Bite – Monday 25th July, 2022 —Issue 2474

Hi All

Many of our members have gone through a cancer scare in one way or another and may be happy to join me in supporting an initiative being taken by Team member and Exercise Physiologist, Bridie Rankin. 

 Bridie writes,

“Several months ago, my Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer, and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. In support of my Mum and the journey ahead, my family and I will be taking part in the National Breast Cancer Foundation Step Up Challenge – committing to completing 10,000 steps each and every day for the month of August. At the end of the month we will also be taking part in the Bridge to Brisbane 10km fun run.

Along the way we are raising money for vital breast cancer research including funding world-class research projects to help further understand risk factors, develop new ways to treat and monitor breast cancer, improve quality of life for breast cancer patients, improve treatment outcomes and ultimately – save more lives.

Many of our amazing members, and their families, have also fought/are fighting against breast cancer and this is also a great way to support those within our Green Apple Community. If you would like to show your support, any donation (no matter the size) would be greatly appreciated. There will be a poster at reception with a QR code that will take you direct to our fundraising page, or alternatively if you would prefer to donate in cash there will be a donation box at reception when I am working (Wed mornings and Friday’s until 3pm).”

Thanks, Bridie.

Bridie will keep us posted about how her 10,000 Steps and her Fun Run efforts go. Any support for her efforts will be much appreciated. 

As I write this, masks are not mandatory. If, however, you feel safer in a mask or believe you have been in the vicinity of a COVID sufferer, I strongly recommend you wear a mask. You will see many of the staff covering up their mouths and noses to ensure they, and you, have some basic protection “just in case”!

“We have had some interesting feedback from members about the new wet wipes we are using on equipment at present. Brian had to purchase these to tide us over until we could get the bigger wet wipe rolls. Brian and I have both had members telling us that they prefer to use the new ones because there is so little waste. These members have noticed that people are more inclined to rip several sheets off the rolls and scrunch them all up to clean down equipment. The members whom provided the feedback to us say they are happy with the new wipes because they are easy to lift out, one sheet at a time, and they are moist and easy to use. We are happy to have this feedback because the new wipes are easier to access currently however if you have an opinion to share can you send it to me on [email protected] or put a note in the Members’ Message Book in the main weights room.

If you noticed any of the Green Apple team hobbling around or groaning last week there would have been a reason for it. Loretta, Charlotte, Bridie, Bronte, Katrina, Charlie, Pat and Sonya entered the Jetty 2 Jetty Fun Run, some doing 10 kilometres and others the 5 km distance. Charlie not only completed the 10 km but then took off for another 7K. He is training to do the full Sunshine Coast marathon on August 14. He has never done anything like this I believe so we wish him the very best of luck!!!”

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