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The Weekly Bite – Monday 31st January, 2022 —Issue 2449

Hi All

Brian and I were pleased to have so many join us on Australia Day. Brian had a full Stretch Class at 6.30am and I would like to thank you all for observing the necessary mask wearing in a class like this. So, well done if you made the effort to get out early to do your body-housekeeping last Wednesday.

You will see member “Reevesie” has dedicated a bush poem to our most senior member, Beryl Boyd, and we have published it on the front page here. I was able to have a chat with Reevesie on Australia Day and he told me sincerely that he just loves the contact he has with other members and the meaningful difference you make in his life. He seems to have special titles for those of you he has contact with early in the day at Green Apple, and so keeps up the great Australian tradition of granting special people in our life a “nickname”. Evidently this little group will have gone to AHOY after their workout on Friday last week to celebrate member Nuchada’s birthday. This social interaction, if we wear masks and we physically-distance sensibly, is one of the ways to keep us mentally and emotionally happy hence helping our immune system. It all adds up!

I had a get-together with our on-leave Exercise Physiologist, Bridie, last week and we were able to have a good chat about her return from maternity leave and what she would be doing. Bridie will be coming aboard for a small amount of hours commencing in March (three hours face-to-face) initially and she will be allocated specialty work only during this time. Bridie has a special interest in Women’s Health as well as Cancer care.  I am interested to hear from any member who was programmed or cared for by Bridie prior to the birth of Hamish who wishes to reserve time with her for regular consultations with the purpose of achieving medical outcomes and definite progression towards goals.

As you would understand any bookings I make for Bridie will attract the fee we charge for private consultations (hour $125) and will not be available for EPC sessions. Private Health Rebates are available for the private consultations. Please address expressions of interest directly to me [email protected] or leave me a note to put in my in basket and I will get back to you personally.

Keep up the great work!

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