Department Of Veterans’ Affairs Exercise Physiology Program

Cost: $110 for 10 Attendance Sessions | Who is eligible? | Delivered: On-site | Presented by the Green Apple Wellness Centre


The Department of Veterans Affairs recognises the importance of Exercise Physiology in managing chronic conditions and providing rehabilitation for people recovering from major illness or injury.

What is the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Program?

The Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) Program is focused on improving the overall physical and mental health of Veterans and their families. The program is specifically focused on:

  • Improving functional strength
  • Improving Balance
  • Increasing Flexibility
  • Improving Mobility
  • Improving Quality of life.

The program could be attended in one-on-one exercise sessions (funded by DVA) or as a part of a self-funded friendly group environment. 

Am I Eligible?

Eligible Veterans, holder of Gold Card or White Card are entitled to have exercise sessions with an Exercise Physiologist, on a doctor’s referral, for the purpose of managing certain health or biomechanical conditions. There is a broad range of health care and support services available to eligible veterans and dependants through DVA and Health service providers.

How can I start?

To start with the DVA Program, you need to have a referral from your GP. Once this form is complete you can commence the program with an Exercise Physiologist at the Green Apple Wellness Centre. This referral remains active for 12 sessions, with repeat referrals accessible until the condition can be ‘self-managed”. 

What does the referral entitle me to?

This referral allows you to access 30 min one-on-one treatment sessions with the Exercise Physiologist which are covered by the Department of Veterans Affairs. The number of sessions you may receive depends on your assessed clinical need and will be established by the Exercise Physiologist. 

From September 1, 2021 the Department of Veteran Affairs will authorise payment on only one Allied Health appointment daily so if you plan to use a funded session with the Exercise Physiologist you must check that you have no other DVA funded Allied Health appointments.

What happens after I get my referral?

Contact Green Apple Wellness Centre on (07) 3261 1249 or visit us in person at 21 Bald Hills Road, Bald Hills 4036. Our friendly staff will then arrange an appointment for your initial consultation.

DVA Groups

A special class has been set up within Green Apple to provide a supervised strength and conditioning session, utilising a variety of equipment, just for DVA clients. This group meets twice weekly and combines worthwhile exercise with a bit of fun and comradery.

DVA clients who enrol in this service, self-fund their class.

The cost is $110 for 10 Attendance Sessions.

The Green Apple Wellness Centre is an authorised pathway for DVA clients if they have a referral under the
Co-ordinated Veterans’ Care Program.

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