WorkCover Services at the Green Apple

The Green Apple is a registered provider with WorkCover Queensland.

Our WorkCover approved Exercise physiologists specialise in work related injuries and motor vehicle
accidents by providing active exercise therapy to enhance recovery time and capacity to return to
work. We encourage injured workers to take an active role in their rehabilitation program
by providing all the education and tools necessary to achieve self-management of injury and
activities. Early return to work forms a crucial role in the recovery of our patients and reduces loss of
function and long term disability.

Speak with your WorkCover representative to find out if you are eligible for rehabilitation and
exercise physiologist care.

Some of the services you could be referred to see an Exercise Physiologist for are:

  • Initial Physical Conditioning Assessment
  • Tailored Exercise program for your Injury
  • Functional Capacity Evaluation
  • Workplace Evaluation/Assessment
  • Gym and pool access
  • Case Conference
  • Group Education Sessions
  • Group Exercise Sessions

Our programs aim to;

  • Address injury mechanics and retrain functional movement and posture
  • Restore functioning and confidence specific to work, ADL’s and other meaningful activities
  • Achieve return to work goals
  • Equip client with the knowledge and tools to self-manage injury long-term

Who can refer?

  • A referral can be made to the Exercise Physiologists at Green Apple Wellness Centre by a GP,
    specialist, allied health, employer, insurer or rehabilitation provider.

Phone 3261 1249 or visit our contact us page.

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