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The Weekly Bite – May 29 2017 – Issue 2227

Hi All,

Brian was busy all last weekend ripping out and replacing a wall in the ladies change room. Since the toilet and system needed to be removed and replaced, and the original wall was poorly built, the job took him much longer than he anticipated. The finished work is worth all the gnashing of teeth and I feel we are so lucky to have this Mr. Fix-It in our midst. Thank you Brian.

We have the results from the Green Apple Social Committee’s Biggest Morning Tea in this email from Pat Gray –

Cora and I wish to thank all the members who donated flour, sugar, eggs, butter ,lemons, vegetables and any other produce to lighten the costs of baking and jam  and preserve making.

I have never seen so much on our stall and such eager faces to purchase same. I am happy to say that all baking was sold with the help of staff and stall takings alone reached over $1,000.     
Pat Gray  and Cora Zanetti.

These social events organised by the Green Apple Social Committee play a huge role in contributing to our Green Apple Wellness Community. As we say to the doctors, who want to know more about what services we offer at Green Apple, it is the social interaction and the wonderful community spirit within the Green Apple that helps people make positive meaningful changes in their life. The calendar of social events for 2017 is gazetted on the Social Committee noticeboard in the courtyard area near the pool. You will be very welcome at any of these events and it is a great way to meet new people.

In July, Team Members Danielle and Charlotte will have a few changes in their lives. Danielle is in her final year as a Dietitian and will be involved in practicum for the second half of the year. This will mean Danielle will be out of Brisbane for much of the time right up to December. Charlotte, who has a degree in Exercise and Sports Science and whom has been accepted to do her Masters in Exercise Physiology at the University of Queensland, will be on more limited work hours from July. Consequently we have been interviewing potential new staff to join the Team.

Margy Jackson will be coming on board in the combined role of Reception and also as a qualified and experienced Remedial Massage Therapist. Margy has both administration and therapy skill sets which means that you will see her in the Green Apple in various places. In relation to Margy’s role within the Green Apple Massage Team, Steph and I welcome her warmly. Steph and I do our best to keep up with the demand for clinical massage however we really need another well qualified therapist to work with us. Margy has her provider number for all funds including Medicare Private and you will be able to use the HiCaps for your private health fund rebate onsite once we have her set up fully.

Julianne (Julie) Seeney has a background in medical reception and, in taking the position at the Green Apple, she is really looking forward to having more client contact in a place where everyone is working towards health (and happiness!) outcomes.

Margy and Julie will commence employment very soon and you will see them going through their Reception training so I encourage you to make them welcome and to be as patient as possible. Any new staff need your support because there is so much to learn here behind the scenes.

Brian and I have been in Melbourne for the past few days (Wednesday May 24 to Saturday night May 28). I wanted to attend the 2017 Massage and Myotherapy Conference at the Convention Centre for the latest research information on myofascial pain syndrome. Massage as a professional field has been evolving and is now significantly more evidence-based so I go to these conferences to hear any latest advances in this research and any pertinent findings, which often just confirm my “discoveries and beliefs”. I will attend an all day Pre-Conference seminar prior to the Conference so Brian should have plenty of time to catch up with Dany and find out how he is going.

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