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The Weekly Bite – March 2 2018 – Issue 2266

Hi All

It was wonderful to receive an email from member Desley Green telling me about the fantastic experience she had with one of our Remedial Massage therapists, Margy Jackson.  Desley writes,

Hi Victoria,

I wanted to let you know about my wonderful experience with Margy yesterday.

Approx. 4 months ago I managed to injure my left shoulder and rib cartilage.  Long story short, after doctor did X-rays and ultra sound he found a torn tendon and referred me to physio to sort things out.  Physio diagnosed inflammation of rib cartilage as my range of movement ruled out a tear in the shoulder.  After 4 months of physio with a lot of improvement (but still in a fair bit of pain) physio said he had done all he could for me for now.  

So, I took advantage of my Christmas voucher (thank you very much) and booked a remedial massage with Margy yesterday.  I was in a lot of pain when I arrived and yes it was uncomfortable while she was working her magic, but to my relief and surprise, when I awoke this morning there was no pain.  After 4 months I have no pain.!!!  Unbelievable.  So, I just wanted to share my story with you and say a very BIG thank you to Margy and also to yourself for making these services available as well as the incentive Christmas voucher. 

I am really enjoying attending the gym and I love the early morning classes.  The doctor told me to give up the gym??  Honestly, I could not believe a doctor would say that but I was determined to keep attending and when physio ruled out any upper body exercise I was determined to attend as many cardio classes as I could to keep up my momentum, fitness and interest.  

Thank you once again, all the staff are so friendly and helpful and really make it an enjoyable place to belong.”

This is a very timely email from Desley because the medical community is calling for alternative pain management now that so many previously accessible pain medications, that were available at Chemists over the counter, now require a doctor’s prescription

Pain Australia is calling on the government to fund a national pain strategy that will subsidise better ways of managing chronic pain including physiotherapy, exercise, massage and psychological support. Pain Australia CEO Carol Bennett says there are only 200 pain specialists in Australia, very long waiting lists for access to too few pain clinics and no subsidies for pain treatments that don’t involve medications. RACGP president Dr Bastian Seidel says‘ Australians need to start moving away from medication to treat chronic pain and look at physiotherapy, exercise physiology, acupuncture, massage, exercise treatment, heat and ice as alternatives.

Having massage is not a luxury. If you have the work done by a clinical soft tissue therapist it is a valid form of treatment.  Margy, Steph and I all qualify as therapeutic massage therapists so if your skeletal structure is not performing as well as it could or should, you may have soft tissue issues and this is what we specialise in.  Appointments can be made at reception and Private Health Fund rebates provided.

I have finally caught up with the Self Defence for Women information.  I am asking for Expressions of Interest for a 6 week course, 1 1/4 hours duration on Sundays at 4pm from April 15 till May 20.  Total cost $66.  See the notice board in Reception.

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