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The Weekly Bite – March 23 2018 – Issue 2269

Hi All

We were so lucky with the weather last weekend when we ventured forth on our Bay Island excursion.  The combined bus and ferry trip was enhanced by the sunny day and it is hard to believe that we are heading towards winter because, at times, the temperature on the day was really noticeable. 

Brian and I regularly go to Lamb, one of the four islands in the bay serviced by the ferry (Lamb, Russell, Karragarra and Macleay) and it was lovely to share this unique environment right on our doorstep in Brisbane with Green Apple members and friends. Well done Pat Gray for having the vision to organise the day. 

This is our final week of our Summer Group Class schedule. After Easter weekend we will transit into our Winter classes and, for those of you who love the water, you may wish to keep using the pool for your exercise. I encourage you to do this because we continue to use the Solar heating and if the sun is out and the pool cover has been on overnight, the temperature of the water will remain pleasant. 

If you are interested in maintaining your water exercise you will have the option of meeting with the other members you usually do your Aqua class with to give each other support. In previous years this has been used to sustain water friendships and exercise well into April and May. 

One member, Sue Rollbusch, is interested in having Aqua Personal Training and Sue and I have discussed the possibility of this being arranged for 10am on Monday and Friday during April. Sue is looking for interest from any member whom would like to be in a little group doing supervised waterwork. Sue has gone to a lot of effort to write up her proposal and to provide envelopes etc for anyone who wants to join her and I would like to thank Sue for the initiative she has shown. She is endeavouring to problem solve to find solutions to help maximise her exercise options at Green Apple (and I can tell you I need every bit of help I can get when it comes to providing some services). Check out the information in the Members’ Message Book for further information. 

We welcome Petrina Oliver into the full-time staff. Petrina will have this week off to have family time and commence her extended hours directly after Easter. If you are a long-term member you will remember the days when Petrina worked here full time in the past, and the classes she took and the exercise she programmed etc. Petrina is an experienced Exercise Professional as well as an excellent clinical massage therapist and she will do some work in these areas in her rostered hours however her main role will be as a Management Trainee and to be exposed to the full scope of the business over an extended time. Initially Petrina will provide 5 remedial massage weekly (only available Tuesday mornings 6am till 11am), one regular class 6am Friday Easybeat, and stand-by for other classes, a small number of gym floor appointments and the bulk of her time will be Reception and Media Team work. Welcome back, officially, Petrina. 

I hope you will have a wonderful Easter and find activities to do that will use your current fitness and strength in a different way to your usual routine. Perhaps a walk, a surf or trial one of the community outdoor exercise equipment that is provided in so many parks these days. The Green Apple will close for four days inclusive of Good Friday and Easter Monday and we hope to use some of this time to do work in the Centre that we are unable to do while we have people here. I have several projects that I am very keen to make inroads on (poor Brian!). 




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