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The Weekly Bite – April 20, 2018 – Issue 2273

Hi All

Last call for the My Health for Life course enrolments for our May intake. If you have certain health challenges, you may be eligible for this six month journey with Exercise Physiologist Tiffany. The Green Apple members who are involved in the course currently with Bridie are finding that the process has helped them focus on the issues that have been holding them back. 

We really want you to achieve your goals here in Green Apple. We know it is a massive challenge to re-direct your way of living to embrace lifestyle changes that will bring about these positive results. 

To make it easy to check if you are eligible to participate in this totally government funded project we now have the iPad at Reception set up to facilitate what you need to do to complete the checking process. Just ask for help to enter your details and the My Health for Life portal will tell you if you meet the course entry criteria. 

I have had wonderful communication from some members recently, notably Debbie Charles and Sheri McNamara. You will see Debbie’s comments about Katrina’s Supervised Gym session in this newsletter. I hope it inspires you to give this particular Group Class a go. Sonya tells me that the Monday night members whom attended Katrina’s class came out buzzing with energy and enthusiasm. That is what we love to see. 


Victoria's signature 2017 - Green Apple Wellness Centre

Hi Victoria

I attended the Personalised Fitness Class with Katrina last night and it was terrific.  She kept me motivated through the whole class and I really felt great after the workout.

I do the Circuit, Kai Bo and Forever Active with Barb on a Wednesday night and I really love these classes as it really pushes me to try my best and Barb is always very encouraging and I feel great after this workout.

Sometimes I get a bit complacent with doing my program on the other two nights that I attend the gym, but with this new class on Monday nights it gives me the motivation to set a new goal each week (whether it be trying to do more reverse crunches without stopping) whilst incorporating the exercises that I already have in my program as well.  I feel great today and more motivated at work and I am looking forward to new challenges in  next week’s class.

I  just wanted to thank you for putting this class on and it is fantastic that I  am able to attend two nights where I can really push myself (babysit two nights a week on the other side of town) and have some ME time.

Kindest regards
Debbie Charles







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