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The Weekly Bite – April 12, 2019—Issue 2323

Hi All

This week will be a short one because of Easter Friday. Brian has been planning what he will be doing at the Centre during the Easter break because we want to make the best use of time. We have been thinking about the men’s change room renovations for months and have finally decided what we will be doing.  Brian will be doing some jack hammering which will be very noisy. We will have one new modern shower cubicle, install a urinal (and what a journey we had to find what we wanted!), wall tiling in the urinal area, new non-slip tiles on the floor, rendered walls and painted the Spanish White we have used in the Reception. I might say we will only get some of this done over Easter, however Brian will do everything he can in the 4 days.  Then the plumber and plasterer will do their bit and finally the tiler. We hope you will be patient with the process. Men will still be able to access the toilet downstairs and also at the top of the stairs up from the Rod and Skipping area. 

I know our water babies who do Aqua will be waiting for news about the Summer/Winter scheduled changeover. 

We plan to retain the Summer schedule until (and including) Saturday May 4, with the proviso that the weather remains mild and that you are still prepared to hop into the solar-heated pool.   Our early morning classes are already dwindling to tiny numbers, especially on Monday. Please note: We will deliver the class if we have at least 3 people turn up so if you want to support the very early Aqua classes please encourage others to come along.  I do my water exercises for my repaired shoulder every day I am at the Centre, usually Monday to Thursday very early, and some Sunday afternoons and the water temperature has been beautiful. 

The new Winter schedule will be out by Easter so keep an eye out at Reception. 

I hope you have a lovely Easter break and that you enjoy any little treat you have. Remember it is the first taste of chocolate on your tongue that stimulates the brain the most so a tiny bit can be as good as a whole Easter Egg!!

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