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The Weekly Bite – April 13 2018 – Issue 2272


Hi All

Did you know that we put out two types of newsletters?  This hard copy one comes out weekly and usually contains topical matters in the editorial and a healthy recipe plus any research information etc. The objective of this weekly effort is to keep us all in touch with each other, as one big Green Apple family. 

The other newsletter comes to you online monthly and will have a different focus because it goes out into the community. My editorial in the E newsletter will also be different because it is usually something I have been thinking about which relates to my philosophies, ie topics driven by my beliefs and which are embedded in the Green Apple culture and delivery. I started with a vision of what I wanted to achieve in the Green Apple and now, 40 years later, it is an absolute passion. If we can continue to make the positive meaningful changes in people’s lives that I observe here daily, we are on track with that vision. 

Just reminding you that we will be open on Anzac from 3pm till 7pm and I will be taking a Learn to Step class to give you the opportunity to learn how to do this really effective exercise. The benefits of stepping are amazing and I can’t recommend the activity highly enough, both for men and women. Brian also loves Step as a fantastic way to get your heart rate up without jumping around. 

The Learn to Step will start at 4pm and I will then take an intermediate Step class at 4.30pm for those of you who already know how to do this activity. 

When you are exercising in the gym, please be mindful of sharing equipment. I have observed the occasion when people start talking with each other (and I am very supportive of this) and they stay sitting in the equipment, not actually using the equipment, while they have a conversation. Please move on to a clear area where you can continue this social interaction so others get the chance to use the equipment they need. 

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