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The Weekly Bite – August 23, 2019—Issue 2341

Hi All

I would like to introduce our new Team member Wanda Dickens. Quite apart from being a member previously, Wanda also came to Green Apple to do her Fitness Professional practicum. Wanda loves what we are doing in the Green Apple and was delighted to be approached in relation to becoming part of the Green Apple team.  At that stage we had no position available however I knew Wanda would be a wonderful “fit” for our Wellness direction and I had no hesitation in promising a place when something came up. When Barbara Donaldson decided that it was time to retire (after nearly 40 years of service!!) Wanda was invited into the Team. Currently Barbara is coaching Wanda on the gym floor, and the rest of the Team are playing some role in helping Wanda become fully oriented into the complexities of our day-to-day procedures. I know you will all welcome Wanda into our midst. 

One of the workshops coming up soon is on a really important topic, men’s health in relation to their prostrate. Whether you have prostrate problems already or a family history of prostate dysfunction this is the course for you. Isn’t it funny how some topics seem taboo and people are wary of talking about them. Prostrate and pelvic floor matters seems to come into this category well and truly. We want to take the mystery out of this body part and function. Take up the challenge and book in to do Sunny’s workshop, “Men’s Prostate and Problems”. 

Interesting information from my medical-source reading that some members might be interested in. “ Vaping” or smoking electronic cigarettes has become a very popular alternative to “real” cigarettes because there is a belief that it is the nicotine in cigarettes that cause the damage to our health. New research on this vaping practice is revealing that some aerosols do negatively affect markers of endothelial function as assumed by MRI, and adds to the growing literature that vaping not only affects cardiovascular health (restricts blood volume under stress) but also has links with cluster cases of severe lung disease in young people who had been vaping. Early days in gathering data but definitely food for thought. 

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