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The Weekly Bite – August 30, 2019—Issue 2342

Hi All

What a wonderful tale-teller member Greg Pritchard has turned out to be. Informative and funny, I am sure you will enjoy his “inspirational story” on the back page of this newsletter. I just loved reading it. 

If you know you have benefitted from what you are doing at Green Apple, I would love to hear from you. Member’s stories make me inspired to keep-on-keeping-on at Green Apple. The day that I DON’T think we are achieving huge health benefits for our member-base, it will be all over Red Rover for me, I think. I doubt this is going to happen though, do you?  It seems that after 40 years in the Wellness saddle there is even more need to provide programs that will help people make necessary lifestyle changes to live healthier and happier lives. 

We are still looking for participants for our newest program, Exercise Right 65plus. This is for people who are aged 65 or more, who are not involved in structured physical activity but who are prepared to give it a go. They only have to be prepared to be present and active within a small group, under supervision, once weekly and last the distance for 12 weeks. If they have to miss one or two sessions, they will be able to do make-up sessions. It really is a great opportunity to trial using equipment which they would otherwise never get the chance to use. 

The Summer schedule of Group classes is being prepared currently. I plan to roll it out at the beginning of October to be sure that the pool is warm enough for Aquarobics. We always seem to get a cold snap in September and for some years I was tricked by the mild weather in August which encouraged me to set up the Summer schedule for mid-September. Not a good idea! 

Once Loretta and I have thrashed around the ideas we have I will gazette our plan and you can provide me feedback. I have had a lot of requests for more Pilates classes to help with developing core strength and management of back pain so I am working on that too. 

Dickson’s Senior Expo is on this Monday and Tuesday and I will be there for most of the day but I will return on Monday by 2pm because I want to meet with the Lungs in Action group to explain the small amendments in delivery and listen to any comments. 


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