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The Weekly Bite – December 10 January- Issue 2310

Hi All

I can see we are going to have a record number of members achieving their Christmas Bonus this year. It has been wonderful to see so many of you attending regularly and I know you will really benefit physically, mentally and emotionally from making the effort.   In the next newsletter I will give you ideas about how you can use your bonus.

The Pilot program for our Paediatric program is now being gazetted. We are looking for children who might be eligible for selection into our free program in February. It will all be explained to parents, grandparents and children at the Paediatric Orientation session Thursday January 24. Book in now if you are interested. 

The Skywall is up and running again! Brian and Gary have had a very frustrating time trying to track down the problem and finding someone who could fix it. Brian approached many places before he finally turned to an amazing member who really is a genius. This electronic engineer (that is how I see him) came to the rescue and actually has it truly functional again. Now you may never have used this equipment but I really encourage you to have it added to your program for at least one 8-week block. It will be different from anything else you do and will provide a manageable challenge. One of our previous members whom had Parkinson’s learnt to use the Skywall and if he could do it, most of you could do it. He was significantly challenged doing any exercise but he just persevered and was determined and mastered it. Just wonderful to see. 


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