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The Weekly Bite – December 14 2018 – Issue 2307

Hi All

Since Brian opens the Centre at 5.30am three and sometimes four times a week, I asked him if many of you were bringing your Bonus Cards in to be signed off. He threw back his head and said emphatically, “Yes, yes, yes!  It’s frantic with card signing when I open!”  Your Bonus Card will give you spending money in 2019 if you manage to attend 20 times from now till Australia Day. As one member said to me with a big happy smile, “I’m getting paid $1.50 every time I come to the gym at the moment”. If you haven’t received your Christmas envelope by now, please let us know. 

Thank you to the members whom have wished all the Green Apple Team a very happy break at Christmas. One hand written card really impressed me because it was so heart-felt. Member Desley Green writes, “To Victoria and Brian, Petrina, Loretta, Bridie, Margy, Darrol, Katrina, Tiffany, Pat, Sonya and all Green Apple Staff.  I Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas season and I look forward to your friendly faces again next year.  Thank you for providing a safe, wonderful, welcoming, supportive centre.  Thanks to all staff for your support, words of encouragement, wonderful advice and smiles.  Thank you everyone for helping me to achieve great results on my journey to finding a healthier, happier me.  I could not have achieved so much without the help and guidance each of you have given to me.  Your early morning smiles and greetings are wonderful.  Thanks so much”.

Desley tells me she is very happy with her results because when she had her follow up Maltron test (body composition analysis) the results showed she had lost 7.9% of her body fat in 6 months and, most importantly, had retained her muscle mass. And that really is fantastic and indicative of concerted effort. Well done Desley!  Darrol will be doing the group Maltron testing again on Tuesday January 29 and Wednesday January 30. You can book in for this any time to ensure you save your spot. The fee is still $15 which is such good value. 

The next newsletter will be available on Monday December 24 followed by one on Wednesday January 2 and then the following Friday January 11. Over Christmas New Year we stagger them because of the public holidays. 


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