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The Weekly Bite – December 20, 2019—Issue 2358

Hi All

We really want to encourage you to exercise over Christmas and, if you are in Brisbane, do come in for your program or to do a class or two. If the weather is as hot as it was last Monday try the pool for a change of pace to challenge your body differently. I can’t say “cool off in the pool“ because it is more like having a heated bath at present! I have been told that it is very warm when you are in the water but that when you get out you DO feel refreshed.

Calling all Heartgrooves, Steady Steps, Lungs in Action and Lift for Life associate members (who attend these classes on a 10 session card), you can come in to try any class including Aqua, or to do your program, until January 6 when your classes resume. You will still need to have your attendance card signed off if you come in so make sure you ask staff at Reception to do this for you.

If drinking water is not keeping you hydrated at present ask your pharmacist which electrolyte replacement they would recommend for you. We are all different sizes and we have different energy outputs so the best idea is to get expert advice.  When I ride to Lamb Island on Thursday it is usually heading towards the hottest time of day. I often cycle solidly for more than 3 hours between Bald Hills and Redland Bay. I don’t feel as if I am sweating very much because the air around me dries the moisture as I pedal along. When my cap peak starts to drip in front of my eyes I know I am losing serious amounts of body fluids and I have to drink a lot of water if I don’t want to suffer cramping. When I get to Lamb I will often have a glass of tonic water, sugar free raspberry and apple cordial and a sachet of Ural. If you want to try this some time make sure you use a big mug or glass because when you put the Ural into the tonic water it will froth up madly. Works well as a fluid replacement.  Have a wonderful Christmas.


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