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The Weekly Bite – December 24 2018 – Issue 2308

Hi All

Brian, I and the full Green Apple team hope you will keep active in some way between now and the New Year. The only days we will be closed will be Christmas and Boxing Day, and January 1, 2019 so we hope to see you in to the gym during this time. You will have received our amended Christmas week hours and all the Group classes scheduled. The timetable is also on our website. Try something different to end the year in a bang!

Remember if you usually attend one of the Wellness groups in the middle of the day and use a clip card to pay for each session, you can attend at ANY time during the next couple of weeks to do your program solo. Just ask to have your 10-session card signed off for any visit made in this time. I don’t want to see you going backwards in your fitness and strength work. 

The Green Apple Clinic will be closed down from Friday December 21 until the first week in January for a re-fit. Petrina has lined up Steve her husband, her three boys as well as Brian and possibly John to affect the transition. (Brian has also discovered that he will be painting the Aerobic room walls over Christmas/New Year instead of basking at Lamb! Sorry Brian!)

Barbara has finally decided to retire from her Wednesday night classes (but NOT from her Tuesday and Thursday shifts). We know that Barbara has a very loyal following and we are doing our best to provide the best alternative. Cherie Clark, whom is our Yoga guru, is also a fully qualified fitness professional. Cherie will take Circuit class from 5.30 till 6pm and Forever Active strength work 6 till 6.30pm Wednesday evenings before her Yoga class. Cherie will commence her classes early January. Big thanks to Barbara for helping Cherie settle in. 

By the time you read this I should have had my left-hand surgery (21 December) which is the third, and should be final, surgery required after my fall in the Kimberley’s. All on track. 

Love to all     

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