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The Weekly Bite – December 30, 2019—Issue 2359

Hi All

To greet the New Year, Sonya has chosen some editorial written by me years ago, which is still pertinent today and very relevant as we go into a fresh new year.  Since I am 72 now and was 65 when I wrote the editorial below, seven years have passed in a flash!

Staying Independent is my Goal

The stories I hear weekly from people struggling to overcome health problems never cease to amaze me.  The burdens so many people are carrying can prove overwhelming, and sometimes just talking can help put matters into perspective.

A big part of my work is talking to people.  Talking and discussing solutions, sharing experiences, and looking for options that will fit their situation.

At the age of 65 with a spinal fusion and significant damage from a ‘couple of motorcycle accidents’ (as a pillion passenger) behind me, children, grandchildren and a healthy business for the past 35 years, I find I have much in common with the Baby Boomers and Seniors that come for an appointment to see me.  We have all lived through an incredible time and now we are living for so much longer, needing our body way past the retirement age of 65 which, at the start of the 20th century, was considered when our life would be over.

I know I might live for another 30 years now, and I will need to make my body last that long.  My body-housekeeping has become important to me and has a purpose.  No longer content to get a little flab off the legs or tummy, I have different goals – to be as functional and strong and fit enough as possible to stay in my own home, to enjoy physical things rather than sitting in a chair for much of the day.  I am looking ahead, and looking around at other people my age and older, and making the decisions that will affect how I age.

My work is in Prevention of chronic conditions, if we know what needs to be prevented, eg. T2D, the Management of the condition through lifestyle modification of diet and exercise, and then Sustainable Programs of exercise post-surgery or treatment.   My work can be very rewarding, especially when I hear of progress being made.  Yesterday, when I enquired how someone was going with their Lift for Life program, they looked directly into my eyes and said, “Victoria, it has been wonderful.  I just can’t believe that I would feel this way.  I really had no expectations and it has just made me feel so different and I am coping every day with things so much better.”  The recurring comment I hear is, “I feel so much better”, and this, to me, is the best possible outcome because if we ‘feel’ better, we can sustain the behaviour.  If we can sustain the behaviour we can get health-related benefits. 

I strongly believe in Exercise as Medicine and the Green Apple Wellness Centre in Bald Hills has been my life work.  Implementing Wellness programs that solve problems and bring happiness is the goal.

If you want to talk about your goals and you are ready to work towards them, phone 3261 1249 and ask for an appointment to see me, or send an email directly to me at [email protected].


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PS:  Brian, I and the family are on a cruise to New Zealand and we look forward to seeing you all hard at it on our return!













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