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The Weekly Bite – February 21, 2020—Issue 2366

Hi All

Just checking that you all know we have a Green Apple car park available for your use. Our car park is behind the Green Apple clinic (where we do our Clinical and Remedial Massage and where Loretta Howard, our dietitian, sees her clients). Sometimes the parking in the street and car park can be challenging so I will suggest a possible alternative.

Since we have the railway station right on our doorstep, we have to contend with a road full of cars belonging to people catching the train into the city. For many years I have recommended an alternative parking area for Green Apple people for when our parking becomes tight. The Bonny View Hotel up the road has a large car park and they have always been very accommodating in relation to our clients parking in there.  I would also encourage you to check out their counter lunches or their evening meals some time. Supporting locals is always worthwhile if we can.

Another local we like to support is John the hairdresser over the road. He tells me some of our clients are still parking in their car park. This creates a real problem for them especially when they have fragile clients whom have trouble walking any distance. I know you will all understand this so do help John by keeping his parking spaces available for his clientele.

Big thanks to all of you who wished Brian (if you don’t know Brian, check out the staff photos on the noticeboard) a very Happy, Happy 70th last week. The staff also made a fuss of him. Brian really is a very special person and we all appreciate him so much.

Our Lost Property box is filling up fast. We will be doing a cull within the next week so if you think there may be something of yours in there, have a look soon.

Keep up the great attendance. I know it is terribly hot but do your best with your program. Listen to your body and don’t over extend while this heat wave continues.

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