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The Weekly Bite – February 28, 2020—Issue 2367

Hi All

It has never been more important to take our “body-housekeeping” seriously as a health protection than it is right now. In the directives and warnings in relation to the most recent virus epidemic, there has been a clear distinction of levels of risk to each one of us depending on the integrity of our body and our metabolic health.  Government representatives and medical professionals tell us that the elderly and people with chronic conditions are high risk and this refers to anyone who has fragile health which could be from a multitude of reasons.  You however are working to protect yourself every minute you do your “body-housekeeping”, that means the exercise you are doing for health purposes. As an attending Green Apple member, you are working to increase your level of protection. My due diligence in relation to my exercise is based strongly on this belief and I have such a high level of respect for those of you who make the effort to be accountable for your body. Since it is the only one we will get in this lifetime it needs every bit of help it can get.

In last week’s newsletter I talked about parking options at the Green Apple. Since then we have been told that anyone parking over the road in the little carpark next to the hairdressers could be towed away. We do ask members not to park there because we know that many patrons of that hairdresser are older and possibly have difficulty walking any distances so they really need close parking. Nessa has been pro-active and has written up a blackboard to warn Green Apple members of the advised intent.  We don’t want your vehicle towed away so if you haven’t read last week’s newsletter explaining where you can park safely, find a back issue in the small weights room or ask for a copy at Reception.

I am hoping to catch up with as many of our DVA Green Apple people as possible on Tuesday March 3. We will be having a morning tea and chat about the planned DVA program in 2020. Unfortunately there will be changes to comply with more stringent DVA directives but I always look for the opportunities that come out of threats and challenges so I am hoping to be able to provide new pathways and opportunities for those who want to help us overcome any amendments.  The Green Apple provides so much more than just exercise options. It is a gathering place, a supportive place and helps us cope physically, mentally and spiritually with all the ups and downs of life.


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