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The Weekly Bite – February 8, 2019—Issue 2314

Hi All
Bridie tells me that the Pilot children’s program she started last week is going well. Our practicum students, Courtney, Sarah and Eddie, from ACU, are gaining great experience from being involved in the program and I really hope that we are going to be able to provide this long term. 

Appropriate exercise for children whom are not meeting national physical activity guidelines is critical. There are many activities including dance classes, swimming, tennis and multiple other types of sport available to children who like to be on the go and/or competitive. There is far less available for the sedentary child and children who prefer devices and computer games. At present we provide supervised exercise for selected children on Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm. Eventually I would like to have this service available Monday to Friday from 3.30pm till 5pm so if you know of parents or grandparents whom are concerned about how much physical activity their children/grandchildren are being exposed to, tell them about the health-driven initiative the Green Apple is providing. 

Good on you if you have enrolled in the Healthy Weight Challenge. I know it is so much easier to avoid taking responsibility for what we eat and to be satisfied that we are making the effort to attend the gym, rather than pushing ourselves to exercise well. When you enrol in the HEAL course and the Healthy Weight Challenge you are making a promise to yourself to address both diet and exercise mindfully. Since I am a great believer in mindful physical activity and mindful eating, l wish all of you whom are doing these courses the very best of luck! 

Update on my right shoulder, three months has passed and I now have clearance to start the graduated strengthening of my rotator cuff muscles and my poor weakened deltoid, last and chest muscles. I am becoming an expert on what works and how important it is to stand in front of the mirror while I do some movements because my brain thinks I am doing them properly but my eyes can see I am not!! 

I am even thinking about doing a presentation for any interested members on my hand exercises.  I do these daily for my fractured wrist and carpal tunnel (both have needed attention post-surgery). So many people could benefit from understanding how to do these exercises because, as we age, our hands get stiffer generally and may suffer from osteoarthritic changes. These exercises help me limber my hands up when I wake up in the morning, and I really have needed to do them since I have had surgery. 

Don’t forget to stay hydrated!


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