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The Weekly Bite – January 17, 2020—Issue 2361

Hi all

Brian and I had a lovely Christmas with our family aboard the Sun Princess cruising around New Zealand. It is the one holiday that allows us to completely relax and enjoy each other’s company or to go off and have our own time when we want this. Quite honestly, before I went on our first cruise I thought I would not only be bored (I don’t drink, or “party” madly or want to sit around in one of the multiple bars chatting for hours at length, and I am not a shopper looking for duty free bargains) but I really enjoyed the experience.  This cruise we were a party of nine, Petrina with husband Steve and their three big teenage sons, Rafael and Raul and Tristan, and Jason with his 16 year old son Jonathon . They all got along famously which gave me added pleasure. Petrina, Raul and I joined the Princess Choir and ended up on the Princess Theatre stage. I love singing and should really make more time to do it because it makes me happy and puts me in a wonderful head space. 

I hope you did something over the Christmas break that brought your family members together and that gave you pleasure. Hopefully, if you were in Brisbane, you managed to keep your exercise going. 

I was thinking of you as I went off to the gym every morning and then to the cold spa pool to do my shoulder exercises. It felt such a luxury to be able to do my body-maintenance work with no time restrictions. 

In last week’s newsletter Sonya reminded you that we have been doing a Stretch class at 6pm on Tuesday nights as well as the Aqua class. There was no plan to keep the Stretch class going through Summer however we have such a following for Darrol’s Stretch that we re-instated it some time ago. Sonya also let you know that we have started the extra Aqua class at night, on Thursdays at 6pm with Wanda. 

As a bonus each week, if Loretta is on duty on Thursday morning, she takes a KaiBo (no contact kick boxing class) at 8.30am. This is a great waistline workout because of the way you use your body shadow boxing and kicking. Try it and see how great you feel after this 30 minute activity. 

Do you like Brian’s Barbell Class. He only does this on special occasions so you are in for a real treat. Brian will take this class at 5.30pm Tuesdays for three weeks in a row starting from January 21. It really is something to experience!


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