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The Weekly Bite – January 2, 2019 – Issue 2309

Hi All

Christmas and New Year have been busy, busy doing things around the Centre that are impossible to do when the Centre is open. Steve Oliver and the boys Raul, Rafael and Tristan plus Brian (and even John came  for extended hours) have achieved a great deal. The Green Apple Clinic has had a full refit with new paint, reception desk etc (all designed by Petrina). Brian has put in an extra air conditioner to make the Dietitian’s room much nicer in this sweltering weather. He also crawled around in the Clinic ceiling to fix up the venting for the laundry. It is amazing how long all the tasks take and some of them will never be noticed but they needed to be done. There is one area where you may see a difference so do mention it to Brian and John if you do. The Aerobic Room paint was looking a bit grubby in places and this needed sugar soap and fresh paint.  My thanks go to all those hard-working men!

Did you make any New Year resolutions this year? We have anticipated that you may want some specific strategies and “sticking power” to help you kick start 2019. That is why we have scheduled 3 x 8-week courses to meet multiple needs. The Healthy Eating and Active Lifestyle course starts very soon. On Tuesday January 15, Bridie will definitely give you some solid knowledge as well as significant support to make all the dietary changes you’ll need to achieve your health, and weight, goals. The fee for members is $99 for the 8 weeks and non-members pay $150. If you have already done the T2D group education course previously, you can enroll in this HEAL course as the second stage. Type 2 diabetics with an appropriate referral will be bulk billed. Tiffany will start her T2D Group Education course on Monday February 4. Over a period of 8 weeks you will be provided with  essential information in relation to the management of T2D. If you have been diagnosed with T2D and have never done this course, arrange to see your doctor and ask for a referral as soon as you can. The course will be bulk-billed and it will be an excellent starting point for other courses.

Petrina is all geared up to deliver the Healthy Weight Challenge, starting on Monday, February 4. This is the course designed specifically to help with behaviour modification to address health and weight issues. We need inspiration, motivation and group dynamics to make this work. Petrina will definitely take a HWC class at 11.30am and, if we can get sufficient interest, will even deliver an early bird option for people prepared to attend at 6am.  See the Reception noticeboard for further information and to enrol. 
Darrol will be doing group body composition testing at the end of January, on Tuesday January 29 and Wednesday January 30 for all of you who have the courage to get an accurate reading of your body fat and vital tissue. This Maltron Test provides you with much better and more valid information than the scales and if you do this at the beginning of the year you have some definite data to work on. Usually you have the Maltron testing as part of a 30 minute Personal Training session but if you book in to do the test at Group testing sessions, the fee is reduced significantly to $15. 

If you are going on the trip to Chinchilla (see the noticeboard) your deposit should be in by now. The balance is due by January 15. 

Do you have any healthy Easter recipes? We would love to share them. I know it is some time away yet but I want to be ready to put them into the newsletter as we lead into the next “dangerous” eating time. Could you send them to me at [email protected] or a handwritten version to Sonya.

Roll on 2019. Another amazing year is ahead of us                     

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