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The Weekly Bite – January 24, 2020—Issue 2362

Hi All

I have always believed that we must include body strengthening as a very important part of our physical activity efforts. If you read the article on the back page you will see that we now have research in the difficult area of weight loss in older adults, and what sort of program works best.

For the last 30 odd years I have promoted the benefits of progressive resistance training combined with cardiovascular exercise as the Gold Standard when it comes to effective exercise for weight loss.

And achieving weight loss as we age is even more challenging! Why? Because achieving weight loss once we are over 50years, without sacrificing muscle mass and bone mass, is almost impossible without the right intervention. As we age we are already losing both bone integrity and our muscles are slowly acquiring intra-muscular fat. Have you ever noticed how mutton has lots of fat inside the meat mass in comparison with lamb which has more fat around the outside of the meat. Just like us.

The best idea to find out whether you are avoiding muscle loss, or better still you are improving muscle mass, is to have periodic Maltron tests to establish the progress of your ratio of fat to vital tissue. This is a much better measure than just weighing ourselves on the scales.

We have just finished doing two Group Maltron testing sessions and we were fully booked because more members now understand the reasons why this body composition analysis provides very pertinent information. If you are interested in having your body composition measured please put your name up on the board in Reception and if we have sufficient response we will organise another session.

Sadly it is Bye Bye Bethany. School years are behind her, University beckons and Bethany is looking for work in the area of journalism to complement her studies.
Bethany has been a wonderful help at Green Apple, showing amazing maturity through her Grade 11 and 12 years. I know we will all miss her and we wish her every success in her next journey.

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