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The Weekly Bite – July 13 2018 – Issue 2285

Hi All

You will see from the photos from our last Exercise Right event that it was very well received. We hope that the next one on Wednesday July 18th from 11am till 1pm will be as popular. 

These events are meant to be free educational informational get togethers. You are welcome to bring friends or family along. In fact it is a very good way to introduce them to what you are doing here at Green Apple. 

Don’t forget to put your intention to attend on the list in Reception, and bring a small plate to share. I look forward to seeing you there. 

Very sad news for those of you whom remember Beryl Ashton, a member here at Green Apple for a couple of decades before moving into a Retirement Village many years ago. Brian and I were very sad to hear that Beryl died this week. The funeral will be held on Monday July 16 at St Flannans. 

Earlybirds have had a bit of variety lately. While Loretta has been away with a very ill mother other Team members have been holding the fort. Brian took the Tuesday 6am class (a Barbell Class) and made his own triceps sore so I’m wondering how much pain his class experienced. I believe Joan Gregory gave a groan or two when doing her tricep stretching in Brian’s Stretch class on Wednesday. Sunny has been taking the Power half Hour classes on Tuesday and Thursday, Brian took the Thigh, Buns and Tum class Thursday at 6am and Darrol took a Circuit on Friday at 6am. We need to support Loretta as much as possible so I hope you will continue to attend classes while she is away.  Just think, sore triceps = nice toned upper arms!! We all need to work towards this.


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