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The Weekly Bite – July 20 2018 – Issue 2286

Hi All

In the past week we have had two really worthwhile events, the Xmas in July luncheon at Maleny Saturday July 14, and then our second Exercise Right luncheon on Wednesday July 18. Some of us were lucky enough to participate in both and they were excellent opportunities for me to catch up with members. 

The trip to Maleny was in a very comfortable and warm bus and it was amazing how the volume of conversation filled the air making it feel, very definitely, a festive occasion. We called in at Mary Cairncross Park prior to progressing to the Orangery for our official Xmas in July meal. The view is truly stunning and it was a beautiful day however I was very happy to have my red pompom hat and red knitted gloves! 

At the Orangery restaurant, Brian and I were sitting at a table right next to the fire and I had to restrain him from stoking it up to a furious bonfire. I am always so aware of health and safety issues and hence we watched the fire abate until it was just glistening coals. 
Our table companions were merry and fun to be with and despite the “hot” food being on the distinctly cool side, we felt well-nourished on our return trip. I had the homemade plum pudding and it was exactly how I like it. Brian probably wanted it too but, being a gentleman, he swapped my berry pavlova for his plum pudding (or maybe he felt that had to hand it over, or else!)

Big thanks to the Social Committee members Susanne Allen and Carolyn Evans for organising this, and Joan Gregory who is the treasurer for the social events and does it so ably. Thank you to Petrina and the in-house media group who helped promote the event so well also. Great Team effort.

The other event, our Exercise Right luncheon, attracted approximately 30 people whom helped cater for the lunch by bringing a plate to share. The table of wonderful (and definitely mainly really healthy) tasty food was just groaning under the weight of everyone’s generosity. Brian tells me that he thinks the presentations before lunch must have made everyone extra hungry because, in no time at all, the loaded plates were whittled down. 

The presentations commenced soon after 11am and Bridie spoke first. You can read Birdie’s presentation on the back page of this newsletter. I have published it in full because she made a great effort to cover multiple areas of concern and will be of interest to many members whom were unable to be there on the day. Well done Bridie. 

In my presentation I recommended people google the following and read it in full, Wayne Westcott’s paper “Resistance Training is Medicine: Effects of Strength Training on Health”. It provides an excellent overview of, and underpinning evidence of, the efficacy of progressive resistance training and how it benefits us, from reversing muscle loss, recharging our metabolism, reducing body fat, facilitating our daily physical function, resisting T2D, improving cardiovascular health including reducing BP and cholesterol as well as our vascular (blood vessels) condition, increasing our bone density, enhancing mental health and reversing ageing factors. He explains WHY we get these benefits from using strength exercises and we all need to get a handle on this so we do our weights every week. 

The in-house media team, Sonya, Petrina, and Nessa are planning further Exercise Right events in September, October and a Wellness Day in November. These events are truly fantastic for creating relationships and building your body and health knowledge. 

Don’t forget we have the Healthy Eating and Active Lifestyle course starting very soon. Combine this with the Body composition testing (Maltron test) to find out your ratio of body fat to vital tissue and you will head into Summer feeling much better about your body and much more in control of what you are doing. I live by this eating method and it works! Enquire at Reception about these two upcoming opportunities. 


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