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The Weekly Bite – June 14, 2019—Issue 2331

Hi All

If you read this before Sunday June 16 you will still have time to book in for my talk on knees and what you might need to know about having a total knee replacement. My talk will be on the actual experience of having surgery and in July, Sunny will have a structured workshop on Total Knee Replacements from a clinical viewpoint. See the notice board for more details. 

Well, I am still hitting the pool around about 6am to do my half an hour thrashing around in the pool to challenge my shoulder. I think it really helps. The water temperature is still manageable if anyone feels like braving the pool. I know Michelle Dix is still attending later in the day so we will leave the pool cover off until a bit later in the afternoon. 

Do you feel like coming along to a “Christmas in July”?  The Green Apple Social committee have something special planned. Check out the board and come and join us. Members, friends and family are welcome. 

Did you know that you will be burning up more calories when you do your exercises at this time of year especially if you come in early in the morning or later in the day? It is all related to the air temperature and how cold your body gets before you start. Try to shed your layers and work as hard as you can (as I do in the water) thus creating internal heat instead of rugging up. We increase our metabolism every time we have to generate our own heat and this is why a bit of nippy cold air is really good for us. I always remember attending a lecture by a neuroscientist who had done some research in the topic.  Heavens knows why he became interested in this, and then passionate about sharing it, but his presentation style was quite hilarious and I’ll never forget it. He told us that women are distinctly disadvantaged in relation to trying to lose weight because of our physiological make-up and the rate we metabolise our energy. His advice to females – never put on extra layers (no pullovers or jackets), reduce the blankets on our beds, and whenever possible get out of bed and roll in the snow or jump into icy water. I never thought I would be one of the crazies taking his advice!!

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