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The Weekly Bite – June 15 2018 – Issue 2281

Hi All

Petrina and I will be at the Massage and Myotherapy Conference at the Gold Coast Conference Centre over the weekend June16/17. We are delighted it is so close to home this time because in previous years it has been in Hobart, South Australia, Melbourne and Sydney. It is not that I don’t like to visit other States for conferences but when it is so close to the end of the financial year there are so many other matters I need to address. 

These massage conferences are becoming so professional now and the whole field of soft tissue work has benefited from research being done in fields of neuroscience and the effects of diet and medication on the body, as well as from growing evidence in treatment of fascia etc. 

The therapists working at Green Apple are cutting edge. Their knowledge in their own area of bodywork in combination with the day-to-day prescription of appropriate physical activity makes their ability to provide specialised Clinical Massage fairly unique. Petrina and I alone have 60 years of programming background as well as massage therapy. It is a very special area of expertise and we both feel blessed that we can bring so much relief to so many people. 

Mentioning this takes nothing away from therapists Margy and Steph (who plans to return to do a small number of RM appointments post her maternity leave in July) whom have their own special areas of treatment. The body is so complex that we need to acquire a huge amount of general information and, within that huge area of knowledge, over time we have “pet areas “of interest or passions. 


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