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The Weekly Bite – June 28, 2019—Issue 2333

Hi All

I want to share a wonderful letter I received from member Desley Green this week. Desley has written something from her heart, and everything she has written resonates with how I feel about a certain staff member. 

I have to tell you that I am very proud of ALL our Green Apple staff and the effort they make every day to meet the high standards required in their wellness work. It doesn’t matter what they actually do here, every one of them has an amazing attitude, and embraces the Green Apple Wellness philosophies.

Desley writes:

Good morning Victoria,

I have been attending Loretta’s classes for a while now and have to tell you how much I am enjoying them. 

Loretta puts so much enthusiasm and variety into her routines which makes the classes really enjoyable and gives a workout for the brain as well as a physical workout. 

You can see she is also enjoying her classes and her energy is contagious for me (I call her the ‘energiser bunny”).  She really gets me working hard.  One of her sayings is “this is your workout, what you get out of it is what you put into it”.  That always motivates me to push that bit extra to achieve a better workout. 

Loretta always offers choices when we are doing different moves as to how intense we want to push ourselves to help achieve better outcomes.  I always come away from her classes with a smile on my face and feel really energised. 

Her laugh rings out in the gym and always puts me into a positive mood for my workout.  Thanks again for providing such a wonderful centre to help me on my journey to a better, healthier me.

Thank you, Desley. You are achieving at a very high level (fantastic weight loss!!) because you have the right attitude to your exercise. Keep up the great work. 


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