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The Weekly Bite – June 29 2018 – Issue 2283

Hi All  

Nuala and I went to an interesting PHN (Primary Health Network) Forum recently to discover the latest trends in health management at government level. I like to be on the front line in relation to what is being discussed re strategic direction and planning as well as what is being rolled out on the coalface. There was a great deal of emphasis on the delivery of services to meet the needs of individuals. There is obviously a real effort being made to create better pathways between health sectors to achieve this and, if it can be achieved, we should all benefit. It certainly won’t be easy however. 

One of the exhibitors, Roy Packer, from SuperPharmacy on Stafford Rd had a very interesting demonstration on how to get support stockings on easily. I know how challenging these stockings can be after wearing them for weeks after my bilateral knee replacements. Member Connie Tunney visited Roy and other staff and was really impressed with their help and service. If you need to wear compression stockings to reduce a build-up of fluid in your legs, consider checking this out. 

Listening to the presentation about research being done in the area of identifying patients with lung function problems and how they can be helped was also a worthwhile. It gave great credence to the Lungs in Action program (which we deliver Monday and Wednesday at 2 pm). 

Did you watch the program on SBS “Insight” last week? I had so many members alerting me that there was a program presenting about exercise which included Michael Mosley and was I watching it. Since I seldom watch TV it was just as well that you did!

I have it to watch now through SBS iView and I plan to watch the second part this coming week. If you can, switch on SBS on Tuesday July 3 at 8.30pm.

Have you checked out the noticeboard in Reception to see what we have lined up for you? Every event is carefully planned to help you in this health journey you are on. I look forward to being part of the next Exercise Right luncheon and the presentations we plan to deliver.  Petrina, Nessa and Sonya have been working hard behind the scenes to pull the day together. It is always great to catch up with you and these events give me the chance to do this. 


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