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The Weekly Bite – June 8 2018 – Issue 2280

Hi All

Most of you usually attend to do your exercise at the same time of day and often on the same days of the week. This was really brought home to me when a member said to me, in a surprised tone, “I came in the other day to do my workout at a time that I would normally never be able to and I was so surprised to see how many people were here, and I didn’t know any of them!” And then they said, “It even felt different at that time of day.” So I enquired whether it felt better or worse and they assured me it wasn’t so much better or worse, just felt like a change of pace. Then I asked if this would deter them from coming at that time again, they said “Not at all. It was great seeing the Green Apple in a different light”. 

Some of you may not know that the Green Apple has a business model with distinct pathways for different levels of need. If we have someone come to enquire about membership whom has no particular challenges physically, they will be deemed “Mainstream” until proven otherwise (i.e. due to a biomechanical or metabolic problem). This member then is deemed to have crossed over into our “Allied Health” or medical side of the business and their program needs to reflect management of the condition that has arisen. Programming may be transferred to an exercise physiologist on staff (Sunny, Bridie or Tiffany) and funded by Medicare through a referral (Enhanced Primary Care plan or similar plan) or partially funded by private health fund rebates. 

Many clients come to us through a doctor’s referral or a rehab program (e.g. North Lakes Chronic Diseases Team or RBH etc) and these patients go straight into our Allied Health or medical stream. 

I explain this because in the past month I have spoken to three people who had no idea of the extent of care available within the Green Apple and when they had come up against a hurdle that they felt would stop them being able to exercise, they had gone to their doctor who then sent them to an external physiotherapist. Consequently they were frustrated with the outcome and lack of progress and, in each of these cases, I was able to resolve the problem by putting that member with the Exercise Physiologist whom was the right match for them. 

When we look after you inhouse, all staff are working as a team to provide solutions to the problem. It may be that special exercises are required, it may be that Clinical massage is needed to release fascia and other dysfunctional soft tissue affecting joint function or posture. The reason we get such good outcomes within Green Apple, once we know what the problems are, is that we understand what you have been doing, we really care about every one of you on a personal basis and we are good at finding solutions. So make sure you let us know if you start experiencing pain or if you have a medical condition we need to know about. 


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