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The Weekly Bite – March 30 2018 – Issue 2270

Hi All

I hope you had a lovely Easter and that you are in the process of returning to your exercise, happy in the knowledge that you have stayed on track fairly well in relation to chocolate and hot cross buns. If you haven’t then bite the bullet, knuckle down and you will soon feel you are in control again. That is the wonderful thing about being a regular exerciser; we have ways of getting back on track that so many other people in the community lack. 

I am penning this before Easter so I can only write about what we are really hoping to achieve. Brian and I have been discussing this all week because there are so many jobs on our list that we have to select the ones that must be done when no-one is here. 

First on the list is removing all the old lockers in the men’s changeroom and replacing them with new metal lockers with doors, some of them lockable for security and others which can be used to store articles that don’t require security. This is our first step in upgrading the men’s changeroom ready for our new shower and urinal installation. 

Second in the list is the cutting down of the wall between the previously used Children’s room and the Small Weights room. This will be trimmed to approximately 5 feet tall to allow light and air flow between the rooms. It will be a noisy and messy job hence the need to do it when the place is empty. This job is our first step in developing the area to use for our new, big pin weight Cable Crossover machine as well as usage for our new Functional Activity room. 

Team member, Barbara, returns from two weeks holiday from April 3 and she will be here for her usual shifts and will see all of you whom have booked appointments. Barbara will not be taking classes however that week because of damage to a lower limb that makes bouncing around on it not a very good idea. So, we will have Katrina taking Barbara’s Tuesday morning Aerobic class at 10am, Brian the Barbell class 5.30pm Wednesday and on Thursday morning at 9am we will cancel the KaiBo at 9am and Pilates at 9.30am just for that week. I hope you will support the instructors whom are standing in for Barbara.

Have you considered enrolling in Sunny’s workshop on Pain Management?

Sunny (Exercise Physiologist) will be delivering this on Saturday April 14 at 11am, and it is essential information for any member who has chronic pain or regular pain episodes. Sunny says, ” This course will help you to tell the difference between chronic and acute pain, the consequences of chronic pain syndrome and how exercise impacts on and helps you manage chronic pain, which is essential for your physical and mental health.

The fee to enrol in this workshop is minimal. The total fee for all three sessions is $33. See the notice board for more details. Your friends and family are welcome to enrol also so spread the word. 

The recipe this week, chosen as usual by Sonya, looks a real beauty! Can’t wait to try it. Since Brian is my chef, whether I actually have it made for me will be determined by how busy I keep him with other jobs. 

The Social Committee are busy planning and organising again. What a wonderful team.  This work is all voluntary and takes time and effort so do support their initiatives. The Biggest Morning Tea is planned for next month (see the back of this newsletter for dates/times) and I believe there may even be a mid year Christmas in July. I need to check up on that one. 

Keep up your fluids. It is still hot enough to be very mindful of dehydration which can be aggravated by exercise. 




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