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The Weekly Bite – March 6, 2020—Issue 2368

Hi All

Thank you to the Green Apple DVA people who came to our DVA meeting and morning tea. The exercise physiologists Sunny, Bridie and Charlotte will be arranging to see all of you personally, or to communicate in the way it suits you best. All services remain intact at present and you will be personally advised of any transitional changes that will affect you in the future.

The rumours and worries about the virus which is now affecting so many countries and crippling many economies need to be addressed and we have been doing our strategic planning to protect you and our environment.  One action we can implement straight away is to provide disposable gloves at Reception for anyone whom is prepared to wear them during their workout. I believe hand hygiene management is definitely better protection than wearing a mask which is of dubious value according to many “experts”.  The procedure at Reception will be to use the hand hygiene dispenser, or your own personal hand sanitizer, and then pull on your protective gloves. On completion of your workout, strip the gloves off and dispose of them in the bin provided, sanitize your hands again and leave happy in the knowledge that you have done your workout with protection.

In relation to hand sanitizer usage, I have medical directives explaining how to use this correctly. Most people put the gel on and rub their hands together briefly. Medical sources say to put sufficient gel on to cover back and front sides of the hand and to spend at least 20 seconds rubbing it all over the hands including between the fingers, until it is actually dry.

We have also purchased special wipes for staff and volunteers to use on all the handles of equipment as a second precaution in relation to the spread of germs.

You have access to the anti-bacterial wipes in dispensers at various places in the Centre. Please use these to help keep the equipment you are using free of any sweat etc.

And please use your towel on ALL equipment.

These are just sensible precautions. Let’s keep the stress and worry about what we have no control over to a minimum and focus on staying as healthy and fit as possible.

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