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The Weekly Bite – May 10, 2019—Issue 2326

Hi All

Are you coming to the Green Apple Social Committee’s BIGGEST MORNING TEA? If you plan to, please add your name to the list on the Reception notice board. Shirley and her crew of helpers always put on a wonderful array of food, and there will be crafts, jams and baked items to purchase. It is always a very happy morning and the money raised is for such a good cause i.e. funds for the Cancer Foundation. 

We have had an urgent request from the Social Committee ……” please, please, can you help with some home baking to sell on the day. This really helps with the fundraising because everyone loves something homemade. A few of our usual ‘bakers’ have been unwell or away and we might struggle with donations of this sort this year”.

The BMT agenda planned this year includes:

Delicious Morning Tea (Gluten Free andvegetarian available on request)

Tea and Coffee

Lucky Door Prize

$5 worth of Raffle Tickets (3 + Prizes)

Guest Speaker – Joanna Blake from Queensland Cancer Council

Delicious Homemade Cake and Jams Stall

You may have noticed me in the pool doing my rehab exercises for my right shoulder and my left wrist. I find I can flap and twist my wrist around against the resistance of water really well now and my shoulder is still challenged doing some movements against gravity (on land) but I can give it a good solid (and safe) going over in the water. It’s getting colder in the morning and because I hop in the pool around 6 or 7am, I have to prepare myself mentally. I walk up to the deep end and jump in so I don’t back out at the last minute. Brian is always so good about taking the pool cover off for me at 5am (and sometimes I wish he were not so diligent!!)

I am taking some clinical massage now and wish to focus on treatment for knees, shoulders and any dysfunctional or painful parts of the body. If you have an issue and wish to see me please contact me on [email protected]

Now we have all these public holidays out of the way, let’s get back to our regular routine. 

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