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The Weekly Bite – May 17, 2019—Issue 2327

Hi All

Do you ever experience feelings of depression or just feel anxious about things you have no control over? You may have no idea how common this is. Since I have contact with a lot of people to help them work out what physical activity will suit them best, I know how often negative feelings can hold them back. It is because of this that we have developed an in-house workshop to address black dogs, panic attacks and feelings of anxiety. 

The course was developed by Dany Mangiameli, an exercise physiologist who was on our staff for years before he relocated to Melbourne. Dany was well loved by all and he wanted to share methods to cope with these debilitating moods. When he left, Joyce took up the mantle (and how well suited she was with her yoga background) until she had to relocate to Woodenbong with her horses and her dogs. 

I am really happy to confirm that Joyce will make the three-hour drive back to Green Apple to deliver both the Anxiety and Depression course, as well as the Secret Women’s Business course on a Saturday morning. There was some doubt that Joyce could make it because the drought is terrible in her rural area and she has been hauling water just to keep the animals alive. 

Put your name down to join Joyce’s group and feel the boost it will give you. Life is all about feelings, and sometimes we just need that boost in positive feelings because it flows into so many other aspects of our life. 

If you are able to do some baking for the Biggest Morning Tea on Monday May 2, it will be appreciated so much! Not only does it help with the Cancer Foundation fundraising, it provides such valuable support to the small band of Green Apple members who do this year after year. I know they are struggling this week and would welcome any and every donation. 

We wish you the very best time at the Biggest Morning Tea. Unfortunately, I cannot be there. Brian and I will be away making small inroads on our smashed-up house at Lamb. We had to wait to address this because the change room came first but it is more urgent now because it is getting colder. So much glass was shattered that we need to get some of the windows back in. 
The men’s change room should be completed by the time this newsletter comes out. It has been a lengthy job because there were so many tradesmen involved and only one group could get in there at a time, from the plasterer to the plumber and then the tilers and grouters. The tradies should be finished by Wednesday afternoon and then Brian has the job of putting the toilet and urinal in, re-hanging doors, finalising the fittings and trimmings in and around the shower, installing the lockers and the towel rails etc. It is all these last bits and pieces that seem such small jobs, yet end up taking hours and hours! A big thank you to all the male members whom have been patient with us during the process!

I wonder if I will still be jumping into the pool to do my shoulder exercises when we come back on Sunday May 26??


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PS:   There is a wonderful crochet knee rug on display at Reception, handmade by member Joan Gregory.  It is being raffled for our Biggest Morning Tea.  Tickets available at Reception and will be drawn at the end of May, along with some other prizes.


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