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The Weekly Bite – May 31, 2019—Issue 2329

Hi All

I have been approached by a physiotherapist, whom is doing his PhD at the University of Queensland on a very significant area i.e. knee pain, who wants to know if we can provide people to participate in his research. 

Andrew Hislop already has his cohort of patients with painful knees and he now needs a control group of people who meet the criteria of:
1.  Over 45 years
2.  Suffering NO knee pain

Andrew probably needs more females than males at this stage however I would encourage you to phone him on 3139 5379 if you are prepared to go through two hours of testing at Prince Charles Hospital.  You will have your parking paid for while you are there and you will receive a comprehensive report on how you have performed in relation to a standard level of performance. I think this could be very valid and valuable information for anyone actually so it could be two hours very well spent. If you have friends or family who meet the criteria above, feel free to refer them to Andrew. 

Just to let you know, I have started to do a few Clinical Massage appointments again. I want to thank both Petrina and Margy for looking after all of you so well while I have been rehabbing from my wrist and shoulder surgeries.  I know I have been treating many members over the past few decades however I would like you to continue going to Petrina and Margy wherever possible. I will only be seeing people whom need my specific attention and since I will not have appointment times in the diary for staff to use, you will need to let them know if you wish to see me, or send me an email on [email protected]

I might say that I believe soft tissue work in the form of massage is a critical part of our health journey. Clinical massage therapists specialise in the ability to hunt for, and find, specific dysfunctional tissue in the body and then understand how to release it. The site of the problem may be quite some distance from where you are feeling pain.  Clinical massage differs significantly from the practice of physiotherapy. The hands of an experienced therapist are so sensitive to tissue changes that they can discover the tiniest irregularities. 


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