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The Weekly Bite – Monday 01 July, 2024 —Issue 2573

Hi All

We are always looking for ways to make your exercise more fun while keeping it as highly effective as possible. Programmers in the Green Apple (exercise Physiologists Charlie, Nathan, Ben, Suzzy and Bridie and exercise Professionals Katrina, Wanda, Loretta and Jesse) have a lot of toys to play with, from strength training equipment and multiple fitness choices to many smaller items that help with balance, co-ordination, and targeted body parts etc. By having your program reviewed and updated for what you specifically need, it provides your programmer a chance to listen to you and help make decisions with you to ensure your program “fits” your physical needs as well as keep it fun, interesting, and challenging, for you individually. 

We are all so different in so many ways, and what switches me on might be torture for someone else. (Ask Brian if he wants to be cycling back and forth to Lamb Island every week and the answer won’t be pretty!) Achieving a great program for you, as a unique individual, is the reason why we like to get to know you as a person your likes and dislikes, your family and community commitments, your body with its personal challenges. Add to this our accumulated experiences throughout our lifetime and you start to realise just how important listening and gathering information becomes if the program being prescribed is a REALLY good fit. 

Green Apple team members REALLY want to help you. Whether they work on Reception, on the gym floor, on cleaning detailing, doing maintenance work, taking a Group Class, in admin, they listen, gather information, all with the purpose of making Green Apple a very special place. 

Make the most of being a Club Member at Green Apple. Make an appointment to see your programmer at least 8 weekly, and even think about trying a Tai Chi class on Tuesday or Wednesday, or joining Brian in his Barbell Class to music Wednesdays at 5pm (he makes it fun!), or even try a Pilates Mat class. 

Exercise can be boring if you are not keeping it fresh. And since our body will always require physical activity if we want it to function optimally, we need every bit of help to adhere to it. 

We are here to help!!


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