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The Weekly Bite – Monday 10 June, 2024 —Issue 2570

Hi All

It was lovely to catch up with one of the groups of our early bird members who go over to AHOY for a coffee after their workout on Friday mornings. I’m told that our Green Apple coffee drinkers solve the problems of the world when they sit around the table at AHOY and I can quite believe it. The topics they discuss go beyond day-to-day chit chat and I am sure that this, plus their exercise, is helping retain brain cells which would otherwise float away into space. And most of us know what that feels like, so we want to do whatever we can to keep everything ticking over as best as we can. 

Now that Brian has returned from his time away cruising and carousing (not sure about the carousing), he is keen to resume his “famous Barbell class (Brian’s own words). This class is held on Wednesday evenings at 5pm and provides group strength training which Brian sets to music and it will give you 30 minutes of good work with a big dash of fun and camaraderie. I think the holiday has rejuvenated Brian because he was able to do his own exercise every day while away and he feels pretty good about that and wants to share his enthusiasm with others. So if you can get along to support this session, just do it. 

Did you know that we take a class called Stay Strong Longer which is designed to provide assistance on the gym floor for people who are new and learning their program, and also long-term members whom have a new program with unfamiliar exercises, that they need help with. I feel that this transition from your one-on-one session with your programmer (which could be time with either an exercise physiologist like Charlie, Nathan, Ben, Suzzy or Bridie, or one of the exercise professionals like Wanda, Jesse, Katrina or Loretta) to you being on the gym floor and trying to remember what to do and how to do it, is a critical one. That is why we now have gazetted one-hour sessions that you can attend for necessary support and assistance on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. This gives you a broader range of times, including the Wednesday evening session and the one on Saturday if you can’t attend during the day, to choose from. 

I hope you will make use of this organised help because unless it is supported it will die of natural causes ie lack of use. We all need help to do our exercises well. If we want to truly benefit from the time we exercise, we need to do it mindfully and with best technique. That is what the Stay Strong Longer session  is all about.  And it is unique in the fitness world these days to be provided a “free” service like this. These days of 24/7 Centres it is all about providing a venue with equipment with as little human resource input as possible. 

We would like to call the Stay Strong Longer session something that really represents what it provides. If you would like to submit your ideas regarding a new title, and if we choose your entry, you will be in the running for a nice prize. Entries must be in by June 30th. 



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