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The Weekly Bite – Monday 13th June, 2022 —Issue 2468

Hi All

It has been great to receive positive feedback from members in the last week. Thank you, Lorraine Phillips and Deb Charles, for your feedback to me.

When I first started Green Apple more than 40 years ago, I was involved in absolutely everything. Now I share you with the great Green Apple team without the previous constant conversations that provided so much stimulus to my life. I am kept up to date with how all the team are going through our weekly team meeting and reports from everyone weekly and this is great too however your feedback is the icing on my cake!

I hope you read Bridie’s blog in the E newsletter you were sent last week. Check it out.

Also I am being asked if I will take a second Presentation on “Fascia and how to manage it”.
If you would like a session on a week day, add your name to the notice at Reception so I know what interest there is.

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