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The Weekly Bite – Monday 14th February, 2022 —Issue 2451

Hi All

There is so much going on behind the scenes at Green Apple that my head spins some days. The wonderful thing is that the Green Apple Team are fully invested in everything that we are doing and working towards.

Every Tuesday at 11am we have an Operational Team Meeting to cover any new initiatives within the business and discuss their delivery. Some meetings are used for small focus group work, ranging from upskilling our online one-on-one consultation sessions which have become more in-demand since COVID, to developing skills to deliver online group classes where you may have 10 participants from different areas in Qld and NSW on our big screen doing their exercise under Green Apple staff supervision, to brainstorming how to go paperless with our Allied Health files and records, as well as being able to use Tablets to do the programming on the gym floor for clients.

Currently we are also looking for the best way to continue our Splashing Good Time class and our Hydrotherapy work throughout Winter. We know that some people find their exercise much easier to do in the water and we want to keep this service as simple to deliver as possible and at the best possible price. We should have a plan to roll out to you within two weeks and I will be able to give you a better idea of what you could be doing. I will be looking for your expressions of interest fairly soon because we need to be ready for the onset of cooler weather since our pool is heated by solar power.

I am also wanting expressions of interest in booking appointments with Bridie on her return in March. She will only be available to do three hours weekly of face to face consultations, and these appointments will be charged out at full rate. You are welcome to use your EPC referral or Private Health Fund rebate however there will be a gap payment for any of these sessions.  Bridie has a special interest in women’s health, mums and bubs, exercise for cancer, and devising programs that require her to address your particular concerns. I know that there are many members who really benefitted from Bridie’s care previously and whom will want to take up the opportunity to have her personal attention again.

It is Brian’s birthday this Thursday and I am taking him away for a few days to celebrate. I booked this break 8 months ago so I am hoping all goes to plan and he gets to do a bit of body surfing, which he loves. With COVID you can never bank on anything really so we can only hope!

Keep up your great work. It is just wonderful seeing so many of you staying on track with both your exercise as well as your camaraderie/social interaction. It all helps keep us sane.

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