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The Weekly Bite – Monday 17 June, 2024 —Issue 2571

Hi All,

On Friday 7th of June I had the pleasure of attending Deagon Village as their guest speaker at their morning tea. They were very welcoming, and the editorial written by Lorraine Holllitt in their June Deagon Village Community Newsletter made me realise that she really understood what Green Apple all is about, and who we really want to help.

Lorraine wrote:  We are excited to announce that this Friday, June 7th, during our morning tea, we will have the pleasure of welcoming Victoria Gill as our guest speaker. Victoria, the founder of Green Apple in 1978, is a remarkable individual who has dedicated her life to promoting health and wellness. At 76 years of age, she has a wealth of experience and insights that will resonate with many of us in our community. Victoria’s presentation promises to be both informative and inspiring. She plans to discuss important issues that affect us all as we age and seek to make the most of our lives. Her journey with Green Apple and the stories of the positive outcomes they have achieved highlight the incredible potential we all have to improve our health through proactive measures. One of the key themes Victoria will address is what she refers to as “body house- keeping”—the steps we can take to maintain our physical health as we get older. She will cover a range of topics related to the body and health, including:
*General health and wellness practices
*Government funding available for health-related exercise programs.
*The benefits of prescribed physical activity and dietary support.
*How to take ownership of our health journey in tandem with conventional medical care.
We encourage you to join us for this special event and take advantage of the opportunity to learn from Victoria’s extensive knowledge and experience. Whether you have specific health concerns or are simply interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, her talk will provide valuable insights and practical advice.

If you are interested in having me speak to a group that you belong to within the Community, I would love the opportunity.  I have so many amazing stories to share and services that many people would be totally unaware of.


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