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The Weekly Bite – Monday 20 May, 2024 —Issue 2567

Hello Green Apples,

What a week we had last week, we have some great results of people wishing to participate in the My Health For Life Celebrations with the Biggest Blood Pressure Check Week. Thank you for all those who did health testing and enjoyed the celebrations.

For those would like to know more about the My Health for Life Program – it’s a FREE government funded course to support people who may be at risk of developing chronic conditions such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke with making healthier choices and create healthier habits.

It is a preventative 6 session course with Exercise Physiologist Charlie, starting Thursday July 13 at 9am. If you wish to join, please come and have a chat with Reception.

Maltron Testing this week – Tue & Wed. See Reception for details. Cost $20

Till next week



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